7 Ways to Get Free Clothes from Companies

Wondering how to get free clothes on cheap name brand clothes? We’ll share how to get clothing free near you or even online.

Bring a frugal person, I believe that there are many ways to get stuff for free, even free clothes.

I’m a firm believer that if such an opportunity to gain something for free presents itself, never shy away from it.

For my next free finding venture I have rounded up 7 legit ways to get free clothing online:

7 Legit Ways to Get Free Clothes Online in 2020

1. Look on Facebook groups

Some people in your city offer free clothes that they no longer need or are offering for low deals. Simply check out local yard sale groups for your city on Facebook and go from there. If you find any clothes that you like, reach out to the user and arrange a time to meet and pick up the clothing. It’s really that simple and worth a shot.

2. MyPoints offers a $10 Amazon gift card for clothes

MyPoints is a cash back site that pays you to shop online for free clothes. The cash back portal allows you to earn cash for the shopping you would do anyway. They are conveniently offering a $10 Amazon gift card when you sign up and use the site.

Sign up for MyPoints here with just your name and email address and after your first use, you’ll get 1,750 bonus points that you can redeem for a $10 Amazon gift card. That’s basically $10 off anything you buy (including clothes).

Learn more about this offer here

3. Use Swagbucks to earn free shirts

Swagbucks is a simple online way to get bonus points to turn to cash and get free shirts and free clothing.

Reports have confirmed that Swagbucks has paid more than $250 million to its subscribers. People who use Swagbucks get as many as +7,000 gift cards daily (sounds pretty good).

It won’t be hard to get some gift cards to popular online shops which you can exchange for some new threads and some fancy clothes of your choice.

You can earn points for doing everyday tasks, following are the various ways with which you can earn points on Swagbucks by searching the internet, shopping, playing games, watching fun videos, and completing surveys.

To get started on your journey to get free clothes they’ll give you a $10 dollar gift card to any retailer of your choice when you sign up for it or for referring your friends to sign up.

Get started with Swagbucks here

4. Survey Junkie pays you cash rewards

If you like answering questions then Survey Junkie is just the thing for you. Fulfill your hobby and earn cash doing that. Earn points by completing surveys. Every survey will give you a different number of points.

Enough points can be redeemed as gift cards that can be used at different stores. These points can be transferred as cash into your PayPal account. This gets you free shopping money for free clothes.

You get points for signing up and referring friends too at Survey Junkie. It pays to join and become a member if you wanted to use your easy earnings on free clothing online.

4. Ibotta is offering a $10 sign up bonus

Ibotta is an impressive app that helps you pad your bank account and allow you to get free clothes online or near you. Getting cash back with the app is painless and simple. Your earnings can be cashed out for top clothing retailers or in cash via PayPal.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Download the Ibotta app and log on to it.
  2. You will notice a lot of stores, find your favorite store and check what kind of offers are there.
  3. Mostly Ibotta tells you about the stores that have top cash back offers.
  4. Get cash back each time you scan your receipt that includes activated offers.
  5. Use your earnings for free clothes, or whatever you want!

I like that that app also has specials from stores like Walmart, that have special cash back on  “any fruits”, or “X percent cash back on this or that item”. This is a good way to add cash to your wallet or save some for top clothes you have your eyes on.

Once all the shopping is done, just scan your receipt and get free money in your Ibotta wallet, from there you can get this money transferred to your PayPal.

You can also get cash in your Ibotta account when you initially sign up ($10), or whenever you refer it to a friend and they sign up. On average you can collect $30 dollars a week by referrals.

Free cash = free clothes. You even get $10 just to sign up

5. Rakuten gets you $10 for free clothes

Rakuten is a bit similar to MyPoints, with Rakuten you get paid just for using Rakuten as your shopping portal.

When you shop at over +2,000 shops you can legit get cash back on popular stores like Amazon, Target, and Walmart among others. These stores will pay you if you if you shop through Rakuten’ portal.

Shops and stores like Macy’s, Amazon and Groupon are some examples of stores that have raised their cash amount very recently as well. For example, I recently bought something off Amazon and used Rakuten which netted me $10 in cash back and another $10 sign up bonus so I’m already $20 richer after a few minutes.

The amount you earn from all this shopping goes to my Rakuten account, and then I transfer that account to my PayPal account. It’s as simple as that. If you don’t have a PayPal, Rakuten can even send you a check which you can cash out and buy whatever you need, preferably clothes.

Oh, and they’ll give you a $10 bonus through here

6. Craigslist free section

Your first bet to get free clothes should be to visit your local Craigslist free section. People often post free clothes up for grabs on a daily basis. I just did a search right now and found a few listings of people selling free clothes and a bunch of other free stuff.

7. Upgrade your closet with thredUp

Sometimes lugging your old clothes to the local thrift store seems like a lot of work, and uploading individual pictures of each article of clothing to consignment sites seems even worse. 

thredUp is the easiest way to sell old clothes and then get paid real money that you can use to buy clothes with. thredUP is the world’s largest online thrift store for women’s and kid’s fashion.

They’ll send you a free “clean out kit,” take photos of your clothes and sell them for you. Anything they decide not to sell gets recycled, and you get a portion of the earnings. You can also refer your friends for extra cash which you can use to buy clothes online or near you! Win-win.

Conclusion on Getting Free Clothes Online

If you went through this list you should have learned how to get free clothes online. Granted, some of these methods require you to earn those cheap named brand clothes but you could always check your local classifieds for legit free clothing options.

Do you know any other ways to get free clothes near you or online? Let us know!

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