How to Make Money Fast – 18 Ways to Make $400

Learn some creative ways to earn money – Seriously. Are you looking to learn how to make 400 dollars fast today?

I’ve got news for you, you can still make money during the coronavirus pandemic. If you’re struggling and need access to money fast, how would an extra $400 help you out right now?

Probably a lot,  I know I’ve searched the web for how to make 400 dollars fast online numerous times. Heck, that’s probably how you landed on this article. I’ve done all the research for you (really) and learned the best ideas to earn cash fast.

So if you need 400 dollars like now, then you might love these realistic money-making ideas that I have uncovered. I should preface, you’re not going to become super-rich, but you can surely learn how to make $400 fast in the next few days.

Trust me, I’m a huge fan of making money online (in fact — it’s what I do for a living) and the 400 dollar money making ideas can be done by anyone that’s willing to put in the effort. Plus, they’re all free ways to earn $400 a day easily.

How to make $400 fast

make money fast

If you actually need $400 right now, then you can opt for a personal loan. When you need money in a hurry ZippyLoan is where to go.

You apply for a loan through the Zippy Loan site, if approved they send your loan application to one of many loan providers.

  • You review the loan details and e-sign if you like what you see.
  • No risk in checking what offers you’ll get.
  • You can borrow between $100 and $15,000 as soon as tomorrow.
  • Loans service for up to 60 months.

ZippyLoan connects borrowers to lenders through their network of lenders. They’ll find you the lowest interest rate and is one of the best no credit check loan. You can visit ZippyLoan here.

If you wanted to earn your 400 big ones then you can use the massive list below:

1. Deliver packages for Amazon

amazon flex

I’ve reviewed a lot of gig economy apps in the past, but one that most bloggers don’t share is Amazon Flex. You’ll likely hear about DoorDash, Instacart, and Postmates all the time. Why? Well, it’s because these bloggers get paid for referring you to these types of gig jobs.

While they are all legit, they aren’t the best use of your time. The best way to make money fast is through Amazon Flex. You probably guessed the gig, delivering packages to people’s homes. Once you get the app, you can search for delivery blocks near you and you accept whichever ones you want.

Amazon Flex pays its delivery drivers between $18 and $25 per hour. So you’ll need to work around 16 hours to make $400 fast (before taxes). The payout process is quick and easy and you can get paid 2 times a week via direct deposit so you can score 400 dollars fast.

2. Take paid surveys online

Don’t want to deliver packages? Well then taking online surveys with Survey Junkie to make $400 fast is a no-brainer! You definitely won’t get rich or make hundreds of dollars per day with surveys alone, but you won’t waste much time, and you can make some money the easy way. It is one of my favorite (and highest paying) survey site:

Survey Junkie: This is a free survey site for your phone that pays you to take online surveys, participate in focus groups, and try new products.

And, I really mean free all around – free to join and they don’t charge anything to be a member (they will actually pay you real money through PayPal).

You’ll need 500 points ($5) points to cash out, which is easy to attain once you’re signed up and you can immediately start taking surveys today.

make $400 fast with survey junkie

Join for free through this link and get your free registration bonus.

Survey Junkie pays up to $50 per survey, and many of them take less than 15 minutes to complete. It is one of the highest paying survey sites that actually works. Spend the next few days taking surveys to help you work your way to 400 dollars. Click here to start making extra cash with Survey Junkie.


3. Get paid to watch fun videos (really)

Many of you have come here by searching “make passive income.” Well, here you go. This has got to be one of the fastest and most legitimate ways to make $400 fast.

You can actually get paid to watch movie previews, celebrity videos, news and all sorts of other videos. You can sign up for sites Swagbucks that will pay you to watch certain videos and get paid for it.

make $400 fast with swagbucks

They will tell you how many minutes you need to watch the video for and you might also be asked to like the video. While you not going to make a career out of it, it’s very easy money for pressing a few buttons on your phone in your free time.

There really is no limit when it comes to the question of how to make money online. If you sign up before the end of this month, they also give you a $10 free bonus just to give it a try. You can make around $400 a month by spending 15 minutes a day watching videos and completing various little tasks.

Swagbucks will legitimately pay you to watch videos, search the web and get cash back for online shopping. It’s similar to Survey Junkie, but there are also a few other ways you can earn money as a member (including a $10 bonus just for signing up).


4. Earn money with a loyalty program for gamers

We all heard the old saying “time is money” right? Instead of playing games on your phone like everyone else and feeling bad for wasting your time — now you can get paid for it.

Getting paid for playing games sounds like a dream. But if you download a free new app, and then download games from it and play, you earn money. As you level up you can earn more money for cash rewards or gift cards.

make $400 fast with mistplay

This is a great opportunity for those looking to get paid for something they enjoy, like winning free gift cards and cash for playing games. I use it and it is legit and has over 35,404 positive reviews in the Google Play store.

I downloaded the app (available on Google Play) and have been using it for three weeks now and have already cashed out two $10 gift cards!

You’ll likely earn $10 this month by using this gaming app. If you’re interested, I recommend you download the app from the Google Play store for free by clicking here.


5. Get $50 for downloading an app

By using the internet as you do every day, Nielsen invites you to make a difference – and you can make money too.

They are offering a unique opportunity for users to download its app and they are interested in just one thing: data. This company has been around since 1923 and has 40K employees, they are offering a legitimate opportunity.

Plus, every other app on your phone already does this so shouldn’t you get paid for it? They just track your internet use, it’s simple.

You don’t have to do anything other than initially registering your computer or phone.

make $400 fast nielsen

To qualify you must live in the U.S. be between 18 and 45 years of age.

How much can you earn? All you do is download the app and earn $50 a year per device.

If you need to make money fast, here’s a unique opportunity for you that literally requires zero effort.


6. Invest in real estate

Wouldn’t it be great if you could invest in commercial real estate and apartments without dealing with all the hassle of buying, improving, and re-selling real estate?

You don’t have to be a millionaire to invest in these types of properties. You can now invest in large-scale real estate for as little as $500 with Fundrise.

Through their real estate investment products, investors earned an average of 8.7 – 12.4 percent on their money last year, and all without painting a wall or dealing with unruly tenants.

There is a reason why they currently have over 400,000+ users, this app really pays you!

Fundrise make money

If you’re interested, I recommend you sign up for more information from Fundrise by clicking here.


7. Make $400 fast with digital scratch offs

Do you love the feeling of buying a scratch-off ticket and daydreaming about what you’ll do with all your riches if you won? You aren’t alone and a ton of people get that same feeling of winning free money with this new scratch-off app.

Lucktastic is a free app where players can win real cash and prizes and earn rewards. Seriously. Lucktastic says you can win up to $2,500 instantly. It boasts 220,000 winners who have taken home a collective $3 million to date. I tried it and was able to make $5 fast within a few seconds.


You can download Lucktastic for Android. Go ahead and download the app for free. You’ll need to enter your ZIP code to confirm you’re a U.S. resident. You’ll also need to share your location with the app.

Once you’re in, you can start playing and do your first scratch-off card for your chances to win $400 or more at times. It’s so easy to use and worth a shot (the app has over 332,530+ positive ratings in the Google Play store).


8. Slash your bills by 30%

Another way to make money fast? It’s simply by cutting back on certain expenses and subscriptions. Trim can help you save money on your bills and boasts that new users are eligible for up to $30 in cash back deals as soon as they sign up. It’s simple, just sign up and link your accounts and Trim will lower your bills by 30% and cancel unneeded subscriptions (if you choose to do that).

trim app

In the last month, they’ve saved their users over $1 million on their bills, they negotiate with any service provider like Comcast, AT&T, Verizon, Cox, Sprint, etc. The best thing? This app is actually free — so more people should be using it to save money.

With a free Trim account, a user gets access to a dashboard of their finances as well as other handy features such as subscription cancellations, bill reminders, savings suggestions, and others. You can get started 100% for free here.


9. Make easy cash for years to come

I’ve personally made over $500 over with Rakuten and you can likely make way more if you use it for cash back and refer your friends to it.


While that may not seem like a lot, I am a huge frugal shopper and rarely buy online. So take it from me you’d be silly to get use this awesome cash back site and not to get cash-back for items you would have bought anyway. You can do this by shopping online with Rakuten.

Even if you are not a big shopper, when you do shop online, you obviously want to find the best deals. Rakuten is my favorite way to get paid for shopping online through their cash back portal. Every time I shop online, I start at Rakuten and then I get cash back deposited into my PayPal account.

That’s it, it’s pretty simple, and they are conveniently offering a $10 sign up bonus through this link, so act fast.


10. Earn Cash with an online rewards club

The next thing you can do is sign up for InboxDollars which pays you, in cash, to read emails, search the web, playing games, taking surveys and watching videos.

make $400 fast inboxdollars

If you sign up before the end of this month, they also give you a $5 free bonus just to give it a try.

By keeping the videos playing on one device (or even on your lunch break or during TV commercial breaks) you can earn and earn an extra $50/month. So while it’ll take you around four months to score $400, it’s still possible with InboxDollars.

They’ll even give you a $5 signup bonus once you join for free.


11. Earn cash rewards on your grocery purchases

If you’re not using a cash back app you either are too lazy or you aren’t aware they exist. Apps like Ibotta will legit pay you for going grocery shopping (which you do anyways if you’re human).

So if you’re reading articles on how to make money fast, here you go. Ibotta will give you a bunch of offers of products, from food to drinks all the way to cleaning products. Just select products you need and then when you buy it at the store, you’re getting cash in your PayPal.

ibotta make $400 fast

Ibotta is free to download and you’ll get a $10 sign-up bonus after uploading your first receipt.


12. Make $400 with trivia apps that pay real money

Another way to help you make money is through trivia apps that pay. Hear me out, what is the most popular drink in the world that does not contain alcohol? What is the official national anthem of the United States of America? What is the Capital of Australia?

If you answered coffee, star-spangled banner, and Canberra, then you may want to look into the new Trivia App called Swagbucks Live that pays you huge cash prizes for your smarts.

Today’s prize is a big one and you can actually make $1,000 fast! I’ll be playing, will you?

make $400 fast swagbucks live

Click here to download the free trivia app and start winning cash daily!


13. Get cash back for linking a card

Looking for an easier way to make money? Dosh is the free cash back app that finds you money for shopping, dining out, and booking hotels and travel activities with more than 100,000 merchants and brands nationwide.

You probably already heard about apps that give you cash back. The most popular one is most people know about is Ibotta which we covered earlier However, this new app is giving Ibotta a run for its money, and for good reason.

dosh make money fast

This company not only allows you to get cash back on everyday purchases, but no receipt scanning required!

Heard enough? Click here to get started with Dosh and get a $1 sign up bonus (after linking a card).


14. Get spotted $150 from this bank


Want to get spotted a free $150 without having to take out a personal loan or worse, payday loan?

Simply sign up for Aspiration, and the free banking app will make you $150 richer just for opening an Aspiration Spend and Save account.

Just spend at least $1,000 in cumulative transactions (utilities + groceries) within 60 days of opening an account and you’ll get that $150 in your account.

There’s no catch. This bank account is legit and only takes two minutes to sign up for an account.

Now you can get some beer money at any time — for free!

You didn’t have to do anything, other than originally sign up for Aspiration.

It’s as simple as that.


15. Earn money for playing cards

solitaire cube make $400 fast

Solitaire Cube is an addicting game where you can play Solitaire on your phone and compete in cash tournaments. Solitaire Cube includes tournaments and head-to-head competitions with real cash prizes (where available).

It’s available on the Apple Store only, sorry Android users. It’s pretty easy to get started and the game will match you up with other players who have the same level of skills in real-time. Cash outs are through PayPal and I had no issues withdrawing or depositing money. You can really make $400 fast, it all depends on your solitaire skills!

How to play? Stack cards into piles to sort them by their suit. Sound easy? It is!


16. Claim quick sign up bonuses

Cash in on the following free signup bonuses available through us and you will be on your way to making an extra $400:

$400 cash
  • Swagbucks: $10 welcome bonus! Swagbucks is a legit rewards site with lots of different ways available to earn money. You can take surveys, play games, watch fun videos, and search the internet.
  • Ibotta: $20 welcome bonus! Ibotta pays you real money on your everyday purchases. Download the free app to receive offers and earn real cash back in stores and online.
  • Rakuten (formerly Ebates): $10 welcome bonus! Rakuten is where you can get cash back for shopping at over 2,500 stores.
  • MyPoints: $10 welcome bonus! MyPoints offers a daily rewards program and is another cashback website that works similarly to Rakuten.
  • InboxDollars: $5 welcome bonus! Earn dollars for small tasks such as taking surveys, watching videos, and playing addicting games.

Signup bonuses offer a great way to kick start your earnings with quick cash rewards.

17. Earn rental income

Wouldn’t it be great if you could become a landlord of single-family rental properties without dealing with all the hassle of buying, improving, and re-selling real estate?

You don’t have to be a millionaire to invest in these types of properties. You can now find your inner property owner with Roofstock.

As with any other rental property, investors earn returns from the rental cash flow and any appreciation in the property value when it’s sold, and all without painting a wall or getting your hands dirty.

There is a reason why the number of investors on its platform increased 126% last year, the sector is booming with investors clamoring to get a return outside of stocks and bonds.

If you’re interested, I recommend you sign up for more information from Roofstock by clicking here.


18. Get spotted $200 from Chime

Want to get spotted a free $200 without having to take out a personal loan or worse, payday loan?

Simply sign up for Chime, and the free banking app will lend you cash for free, you just relax while it will spot you up to $200 any time.

There’s no catch. This bank account is legit and only takes two minutes to sign up for an account.

Now you can get some beer money at any time — for free!

You didn’t have to do anything, other than originally sign up for Chime.

It’s as simple as that.


Making $400 fast is possible

There you have it. If you’ve finished the list, you can see how it is possible to make $400 fast even in this muddy economic climate. This list of ways to make money fast has to have taught you how to make 400 dollars fast.

Making money fast when you’re in a pinch shouldn’t happen often though. You’ll definitely want to build an emergency fund, starting budgeting, and investing if you want to make smart money decisions.

I won’t bore you with all the details, because you probably already know all that. Something tells me that you want to learn how to make even more money. Or how about even earning stacks of money when you’re asleep?

You can do that with the best passive income ideas that’ll help you get off the hamster wheel in 2021.

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