6 Best Places to Take Paid Online Surveys for Money

Interested in taking paid online surveys money? I reviewed the top survey sites and these are the best survey sites for 2020.

I’ve been writing finance content for blogs for a few years now. One topic that I have written on extensively is the idea of making money online. With this, comes people asking about the best paid online surveys so I wanted to find out for myself which ones are legit (and high paying), and which ones are not.

Do you think taking paid surveys worth your time? Well, it depends.

Paid online survey sites can be a simple way to pad your bank account with beer money in your free time.

Online paid survey sites aren’t my favorite way to make extra money, but I make an exception for it when you’re just hanging out — e.g. watching T.V., riding the metro, during your break at work, or in the back of an Uber.

While taking surveys won’t help you make $1,000 fast, they’re still an easy way to earn. Might as well click a few buttons and make some money while you’re at it. It’s easy.

Here are the best survey sites, if you want to give paid surveys a shot.

Top 6 Best Places You Can Take Surveys for Money

Here’s the list of the best places you can take online surveys for money. If you’re in a hurry, here’s a quick summary:

  • Swagbucks: Watch videos, take surveys, shop and more to earn real money. Join Swagbucks Now to Get $10 Free
  • Survey Junkie: Make up to $50 per survey in your spare time from home to take online surveys, participating in Focus Groups and trying new products. Join Survey Junkie Now
  • InboxDollars: Has so far paid its members over $40 Million. Watch videos, take surveys, shop and more. Join InboxDollars Now and Get Free $5
  • MyPoints: Is known as one of the #1 paid survey site. Take paid surveys anytime and anywhere via PC, Laptop, Tablet, Cell Phone or Mobile App. Join MyPoints Now

1. Swagbucks

  • Quick overview: Swagbucks lets you earn money in so many ways like taking surveys, shopping online or playing games, but many of my readers love racking up SB (Swagbucks) watching videos in their spare time. Many claim this to be one of the best online survey sites.
  • How to get paid: You can cash out your SB as gift cards to hundreds of merchants or get your cash by PayPal.
  • Sign up link: You can click here to sign up

swagbucks make money fast

Swagbucks allows you to earn money by performing a variety of online activities, including using their search engine (Just like Google), shopping, taking surveys, playing games, and discovering online content. The big selling point here is that you can earn money outside of taking regular plain old surveys.

Swagbucks serves more than 12 million members and has awarded more than $400 million in rewards. Swagbucks is free to join is one of the best money-making apps. What’s not to love? Does this sound like the survey site for you?

Join Swagbucks

2. Survey Junkie

  • Quick overview: Survey Junkie has an interface that super smooth and intuitive (unlike the majority of survey company websites that look like they were built in 1997), and members are paid in cash via Paypal. Oh, and Survey Junkie also has an 8.9/10 rating on TrustPilot — the highest of any online survey company.  This is one is the more reputable survey companies out there and I use it often.
  • How to get paid: Members also get paid the same day they cash out, there is no waiting period. The minimum redemption is USD: $10 (1,000 points) via PayPal instantly or eGift cards.
  • Sign up link: You can click here to sign up

survey junkie make money

If a quality survey site is what you’re looking for, then Survey Junkie is worth a shot. Survey Junkie is an online community with over 3 million members dedicated to making your voice heard. Survey Junkie is constantly listening to the members to hear what they like and do not like, and always making optimizations to improve the user experience. Survey Junkie is free to join. You must be at least 13 years old and reside in the US, Canada, or Australia. You can create an account with a username and password. Or you can create an account using Facebook or Google+ in under 2 minutes.

You can earn rewards via PayPal and other popular eGift Cards such as Amazon, Sephora, Groupon, Starbucks, Target, iTunes. Members are rewarded for every action they take. So, even if you’re disqualified from a survey, you still get a few points just for trying. Survey Junkie is also taking measures to improve the user experience. The payouts are similar to most other legit survey companies but if you want to take surveys on your smartphone, I recommend taking surveys with Survey Junkie.

Join Survey Junkie

3. MyPoints

  • Quick overview: MyPoints rewards its members for online activities such as reading emails, playing games, online surveys, printing out coupons among other things.
  • How to get paid: They pay their members using their own currency known as “Points”. These points can be redeemed for online gift cards, cash via Paypal, and travel miles. The minimum payout amount for most rewards is $10 but PayPal payments start at $25. When you redeem your points for cash via Paypal, the request is usually processed within 4-5 days. For other prizes, the wait time varies.
  • Sign up link: You can click here to sign up

mypoints make money

MyPoints is a legitimate paid online survey site that doles out free gift cards for taking polls, answering surveys and so much more. When you sign up you will get invited to fun new surveys. For each survey you finish, you’ll earn points that you can redeem for gift cards to your favorite brands.

You’ll even earn $5 when you take your first 5 surveys and can earn up to 500 Points per day watching fun videos, shopping, and playing games.

Join MyPoints

4. InboxDollars (Best sign up bonus)

  • Quick overview: InboxDollars pays you for taking surveys, reading emails, playing online games, shopping online, redeeming coupons and searching the web.
  • How to get paid: This is another free survey site that pays with cash, not points.
  • Sign up link: You can click here to sign up


InboxDollars pays members to read emails, take surveys online, play games, and search the web. Overall, Inbox Dollars is super easy to navigate. I’ve tried other paid survey sites and just end up overwhelmed.

InboxDollars also does a nice job of breaking down the offers into categories. And you’ll always see the amount of money you’ve earned at the top of your window, which is exhilarating. Right now they are offering a $5 cash bonus just for joining.

Join InboxDollars

5. Vindale Research

  • Quick overview: Vindale Research lets you earn cash for completing online paid surveys, watching videos, reading your email and more.
  • How to get paid: This is another free survey site that pays with cash, not points.
  • Sign up link: You can click here to sign up


Get paid to take online paid surveys with Vindale Research. Here, you’ll take surveys for money about products created by some of the world’s most famous companies – including Disney, Volkswagon, Amazon, Nike, Samsung, and more. For each survey you complete, you’ll earn money. They pay you straight cash.

You don’t have to convert your points into cash, you can see your earnings on the dashboard. Payout is through Paypal or check. To get started, simply create your free account. It only takes a couple of minutes, and you’ll receive a nifty $2 (now $1) signup bonus when you do.

Join Vindale

6. Survey Voices

  • Quick overview: Survey Voices provides access to paid surveys, clinical trial opportunities, and part-time work offers to make $300+ easily.
  • How to get paid: You can get paid in points that can be redeemed for things like gift cards and PayPal cash.
  • Sign up link: You can click here to sign up

survey voices

Survey Voices is another dedicated paid survey company that matches you with the most exclusive offers and highest paid market research opportunities. The experts at Survey Voices do the work for you and display only the top paid survey offers, guaranteed. It is also the easiest survey site to sign up for.

Once you’re in you can take surveys and get paid at Survey Voices. All you need to do is instantly qualify, then view exclusive offers in exchange for your opinions and get access to paid surveys, clinical trial opportunities, and part-time work offers. Survey Voices is looking for people to tell major brands what you think about their products and services. And they pay well.

Join Survey Voices

Need More Surveys For Money?

A ton of people are searching online for paid online surveys.

Over 100,000 people search for these terms each month.

Well, look no further, because if you wanted more ways to make money online besides these free surveys for money sites, we have you covered with our list of ways to make money fast.

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